To uphold sound business ethics at all times and provide the highest quality services.
Our actions will be guarded by the following values:

1. Customer-oriented focus
2. Integrity
3. Teamwork

Each value will become a way of life in our business by ensuring that we focus on them:

Customer-oriented focus:

- Offer service excellence
- Be professional in all our      business dealings
- Be accountable and responsible    for our actions.


- We will be transparent in all our business dealings
- We will build and maintain           trust and confidentiality
- We will display honesty with all stakeholders


- We will be committed to common goal achievement
- We will be committed to our vision and our mission which will be the driving force of our business 


E-mail :

Phone :
(+27)31 500 1196  

Cell :
(+27)67 619 1320